By Harry Fuecks

Micrsofot has an IE Blog (plus they’re hiring)

By Harry Fuecks

Via Scoble – since yesterday Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team has a blog.

Wonder how long it will be before the comments are disabled? ;)

  • Ignore Freudian typo in title ;)

  • Sergeant

    Did you see those reactions? Wow! Nobody seems to like this browser!

    But hey, people are always shouting at the #1.

    Still 95% uses IE, nobody will change that. But good too see they finaly opened their doors.

  • Wow indeed! When I last looked here there were “only” about 50 comments. In three hours we’re up to 75.

    Think they lifted the lid off something…

  • Jake1

    Heh, the page refreshes fine, but when I try to add a comment I get a cannot find server page. O_O

  • Mark

    Seems like a tread. Google, now Microsoft.

  • Cam

    Would be nice if this led to a more community-based and compliant Internet Explorer. Maybe someone should ask them to add XUL support :D

  • patrikG

    Regarding the use of IE:
    IE6 and IE5 combined have a market share of 80%, IE5 users seem to switch to Mozilla (almost 13% market share). So, while the large majority of punters is still using IE, the competition’s percentage is growing…:)

  • Yeah…Longggggg time before anyone knocks IE off the top. We geeks get so wrapped up in all of this, but think of the normal user that just doesn’t care about all the hype, and fires up the default browser on the most dominant OS. Good progress though..

  • MiiJaySung

    Ha, this is the most amusing read.

    It’s nothing short of a blood bath for the poor IE developers who have been recently been assigned to dig up IE and try and convince the world that it’s a creditable browser.

    Though I feel sorry for these developers, Microsoft should expect nothing less. As a company Microsoft are a bunch of arrogant so and so’s, because they DO NOT (Well not until this year) listen to the developer communities in the ***REAL*** world.

    This will be a very interesting space to watch.

    Let’s hope IE can do it right now, and save many web designers / programmers like me time. At the moment IE is nothing more than a catalyst for hair-loss!

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