Microsoft using ColdFusion?

By Eric Jones

Can it be? Microsoft has a ColdFusion website out there! This is almost as cool as learning that Microsoft ran (runs) FreeBSD for the HotMail servers.

[URL=]See the word on Ben’s Blog.[/URL]

  • DigitalCreation

    Both of those cases Microsoft bought the company in question. Why replace something that works? Frankly, if the site *had* to be replaced it would be worse off, the fact that the technology is ‘good enough’ is fine.

    There’s still plenty of places that uses perl (and possibly broadvision) on should we chastise them too? Oh wait, it was forta who mentioned the site in the first place, so I guess we shouldn’t. Even though there isn’t one difference between the two.

    Oh wait, didn’t Macromedia purchase RoboDemo (ehelp) not long ago? (, guess what? It’s done in asp. The ‘sign up for beta application that MM uses (surveymonkey) done in what? asp.

    The entire logic is flawed and it’s only good for a quick PR post. Which is essentially what forta is all about now. Mundane PR

  • Really microsoft runs FreeBSD servers?

  • The PlaceWare site used to be built with a ton of Java when Microsoft first took it over. I wonder why they switched to CF over .NET though, seems a little odd.

  • toograffic

    As one of my co-workers says, “It’s all just one big company!” There is no spoon….

  • Steve M.

    Thanks, Despite the title of my original post, I think I agree with your post.I know and i agree it was forta who mentioned the site in the i first place.

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