Microsoft Q&A: Evolution of a Data Center

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Microsoft Q&A: Evolution of a Data Center

We were recently given an incredible opportunity by Microsoft, which saw exclusive access to three Technical Evangelists answering all our questions in live Q&A sessions on our Forums.

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The first two sessions focused on Azure Mobile Systems, with a focus on Notifications. Microsoft Evangelist Andrew Coates was open about his work on AMS, mobile dev, and cloud stuff.

Highlights from the first two sessions included Andrew teasing out the differences between Azure Mobile Services and other cloud-based services, the scalability aspect of push notifications, and creating internal and external apps to suit your budget and organisation.

Andrew was also kind enough to share this crazy video about Microsoft data centers which shows their evolution. It’s a really great, behind-the-scenes look at the physical reality of the “cloud”.

Our last Q&A takes place on April 7, 10-11am AEST (check your local time). It’s a mega one-hour live session. Covering cross-platform development, Microsoft Technical Evangelists Esther Mosad and Paul Usher will talk all things Visual Studio, Phone Gap, Xamarin and DevExtreme. Join us, or live forever with inferior knowledge.

What questions do you have for Microsoft’s Technical Evangelists? Will you be around for our next Q&A?

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