Microsoft HTML5 Web Camp Videos Now Online

Ricky Onsman

Back in November, we were able to provide live streaming video for the Microsoft HTML5 Web Camp held in Mountain View, California.

For those who missed the live action – and those who want to revisit some of the sessions – we can now provide recorded video of the event, right here.

There are four videos, covering different sections of the camp.

The first video covers the morning session: Welcome by Joe Shirey; Introduction to HTML5 by Doris Chen, and Introduction to CSS3 by William Leong.

The second video features Doris Chen’s Overview of HTML5 Graphics: Canvas & SVG.

The third video is Adding Video, and Sound with HTML5 and Practical HTML5: Using It Today, both with Doris Chen.

The fourth video covers Doris Chen’s instructions for setting up the Lab and Alice Pang’s demonstration of WebMatrix.

You can also view these videos and download pdfs of slides used in the presentations at

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