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Meet Your New Personal Assistant, EasilyDo

By SitePoint Offers

You may still be a few rungs on the career ladder away from having your own personal assistant…but at least you can pretend with EasilyDo. Get a lifetime subscription for just $19.99.

Okay, so EasilyDo doesn’t care how you take your coffee. But it does manage your digital life, saving you hours of time, keeping you organized, and generally helping you adult better. Use the virtual assistant app to get changes to your travel plans, receive updates on packages without having to dig through your inbox for the tracking number, stay up-to-date on emails that need your response, and update your contacts list with current email addresses, birthdays, and more. It’ll even gently nag you with a departure time so you can stop arriving “fashionably” late to everything.

Do everything a little more easily with EasilyDo. Get a lifetime subscription to the app in the SitePoint Store for $19.99.

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