Meet SitePoint’s New Editorial & Educational Advisory Board

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The SitePoint team spends an increasing portion of each day engaging with our community. Whether through reading article comments, forum posts, support requests, or questions and comments on Learnable, our learning platform, we constantly seek to better understand the web development and design community so that we can continue to design innovative content and products that make an actual difference in your work.

Even with all of these efforts, we knew that there was a subset of our community, the time-pressed global innovators and thought leaders, who would bring additional viewpoints based not only on their personal experiences but also on what they have learned from their interactions with hundreds of others they have met while working, writing and speaking at global conferences. When we sought a way to include their voices, the Advisory Board was born.

Our inaugural Board is composed of Rachel Andrew, Paul Boag, Razvan Caliman, Brad Frost, Peter Gasston, Remy Sharp, Estelle Weyl and Kevin Yank.

The mission of the Board, which will meet online 4 times a year, is to provide diverse strategic guidance for our content and products, and to ensure that the needs and expectations of the community are met by specifically including diverse industry and subject matter experts. In other words, we’ve invited some of the smartest people in our community to help us make better things.

While it’s difficult to arrange for people from so many different time zones to meet in real-time, we made it work (for some of us it was a late night; for others, an early morning), and the benefits have already made the project worthwhile.

The kickoff Board meeting for the 2015 Board was held on February 4. In a two-hour call, eight webcam squares discussed trends in technology and learning as well as ways to more effectively welcome new members of the web development community.

The Board’s discussions confirmed some hunches we had and provoked new ideas. We’ve already begun to incorporate some of the thinking and continued the conversations long after the meeting ended. We already look forward to the next call!

Get to know our advisory board members here.

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Erica has always enjoyed exploring new tech as it relates to education, diversity, law, digital communications and cultural studies. She brings those interests, and an enthusiasm for random trivia knowledge, to her role as Head of Product and Commercial Business with SitePoint & Learnable.

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