Meet Richard the Designer. Richard Loves Design Contests.

The article that we published today on SitePoint is an interview I conducted with 99designs addict Richard Scott called Design Contests Made Me A Better Designer.

In the interview, Richard talks about why he chooses to enter design contests, how he uses contests to solicit follow-up work, the process he follows when tackling a brief and his thoughts on the NO!SPEC philosophy. Here’s a choice snippet:

I have to confess that quite often the follow-up work is not as exciting. If I’ve been given a brief, and it’s just for me… there’s no thrill of the win, you know? Of course, it’s a safer option, because you know you’re going to get paid. But it’s not really about the money for me. It’s become more about the competition, and the excitement of competing against so many other talented designers.

It was definitely interesting hearing an alternate take on the concept of design contests and how they affect a designer’s livelihood — in Richard’s case, in a positive way.

Read the interview and have your say. There are bound to be plenty of different opinions!