Meet the jQuery Bug Triage Team

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We have some good news for you jQuery developers! The jQuery Bug fixing team are performing very well and thier stats have been very impressive!

jquery bug fixing team stats

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Over the past 60 days, the bug triage team has taken an unwieldy hairy mess of tickets and addressed every single one of them.

Yes that’s right; as it stands, there are zero unreviewed tickets in the jQuery issue tracker. The last one to be closed was a rather malodorous bug.

The jQuery Bug Triage team are a group of jQuery core and community members who actively assist in narrowing down and patching bugs submitted on the jQuery bug tracker. Between them this team have a number of years worth of experience in debugging and fixing both JavaScript and jQuery issues. When you submit a bug, feature request or enhancement request to the project, they’re the team that looks at your tickets.

The team members are:

  • Dave Methvin is co-founder of PC Pitstop, jQuery user since 2005, and on the jQuery core team.
  • Colin Snover is an independent software designer and developer based out of Minneapolis.
  • Rick Waldron is Head of Research and Development at Bocoup in Boston, MA
  • Addy Osmani is a London-based JavaScript developer, Project Manager & blogger.
  • Alex Sexton is a Labs Engineer at Bazaarvoice in Austin TX, and a co-host of the yayQuery podcast.
  • Adam J Sontag is a NYC-based developer for Bocoup, and a co-host of the yayQuery podcast.
  • Mike Taylor works for Opera Software and sometimes gets hit by cars on his bike.
  • Anton Matzneller is a computer science student and developer located in Vienna, Austria.

We all owe these guys a good amount of thanks. They’ve done a tremendous amount of work to benefit jQuery.

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