Master UX and UI Design for $39

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    Master UX and UI design for $39

    Whether freelance, consulting, or part of a team, a well-rounded and in-demand web designer has to have a good handle on both UI and UX design. Whether you’ve already dabbled in both, none, or one, we’ll help you master the two—get the UI & UX Design Bootcamp for $39 at SitePoint Shop.

    Fill in gaps in your knowledge, learn totally new things, or polish up old skills. You’ll learn how to interview users to learn what they want, master Android design basics, explore tactics for creating customer loyalty, test your designs, and more. You’ll come out of the courses with a real, working app, new programming skills, and a mastery of UI and UX design that’ll have hiring managers dying to get you on their team.

    Start now, while this bundle is 96% off. Grab it for $39 at SitePoint Shop!