Master Gmail, Drive, and Other Google Apps for $29

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    Master Gmail, Drive, and other Google apps for $29

    Is inbox zero now just a dream long forgotten? Do you break out in hives when your boss asks you to turn a bunch of data into charts? Are you afraid to breathe too hard while using Google Drive, in fear of erasing EVERYTHING? We’ve got you. Master all things Google with the Google Guru Bundle for $29.

    Grab this bundle and get eight courses that will help you simplify pretty much everything in your life (or at least on your computer). You’ll learn how to reach (and maintain) inbox zero without losing your mind, use Google Spreadsheets to automate tasks and turn a mess of data into charts and graphs, and organize everything on your Google Drive. If you’re a developer, you’ll also love the course on Chrome developer tools, which will help you debug HTML and CSS directly in your browser, build web apps, and test your page designs.

    Don’t miss your chance to save 95% on the regular price of $705. Get the Google Guru Bundle for $29.