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Master Facebook Marketing with This $15 Course

By SitePoint Offers

Master Facebook marketing with this $15 course

Facebook is for more than just stalking exes and arguing with your bigoted uncle. Master Facebook marketing and use the platform to grow revenues and get new clients. Whether you’re a marketer or own your own business, the easy-to-follow Complete Facebook Ads & Marketing course is a must-have. Get it for $14.99 at SitePoint Shop.

Through 207 lectures and 26 hours of content, this course will show you how to use Facebook in a smart way. That means setting up ads that convert, lowering your cost per click, and using Facebook Messages for lead generation. You’ll have lifetimes access to the new course, with new lectures added every month, giving you a lifetime of recurring revenue growth and increased website traffic.

Start making your Facebook page work for you. Get the Complete Facebook Ads & Marketing course for $14.99.

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