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Mask Your Personal Info Online with Blur

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Mask your personal info online with Blur

You don’t even give your real email address to your Tinder matches—why give it to some random site where you buy socks? Protect your personal data—email address included—with Blur. We’ve got two years of access to the online privacy solution for $29 at SitePoint Shop.

Blur lets you created temporary, masked email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers for online shopping. Don’t worry—the credit cards work wherever normal credit cards do, and the phone numbers and email addresses forward to your real ones, so you won’t miss a thing. Another perk? You don’t have to remember passwords—Blur can create, save, encrypt, and organize your passwords so they’re impossible to crack…without leaving you clicking “forgot my password” on every site you visit.

Get two years of privacy from Blur for $29!

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