By Philip Miseldine

Marketing Sunday Special

By Philip Miseldine

Sunday, being the day of rest, is a day where grand visionary flash demonstrations stamping out Microsoft’s future marketing drive don’t seem quite so over the top, and actually show a) how great Flash is, and b) how interesting the next few years are going to become.

And, always remember: “Microsoft stands in awe of you, and your potential” (no mention to my wallet…;))

  • Dangermouse

    Am i the only one who sees just a blue graphic on that flash? Not much else going on..

  • Dangermouse

    Ah, after about 3 mins a loading bar came up

  • Never really been a fan of Flash, though I must admit that looking over this I’m well impressed :)

    But in saying that though, this is definitely the sort of things Flash is for – presentations that can generate business, what we don’t want to see more is dumb intros that do nothing for the web.

    Kind of why I dislike Flash so much I suppose :)

    But that Microsoft link is impressive :cool:

  • M. Johansson

    Hmmm… “Microsoft stands in awe of you, and your potential”

    Well, I for one stand in awe of someones flash skills. Bloody heck, that’s very impressive.

  • Jake

    One word…


    M. Johansson: You nailed it! Very good.

  • clintonG

    Two points to make…

    Microsoft has acquired Expression which is a popular vector graphics application. Microsoft will modify Expression to enable operators to draw, drag and drop Avalon user interfaces which will be emitted as extensible XAML which developers can continue to refine via the DNF. Thus, 2-3 years from now and Flash may very well be the proverbial ‘flash’ in the pan.

    Secondly, as for Becky the architect? The ‘presentation’ was a sham as AutoPimp who develops the dominant CAD application for architects has not made it possible for AutoCRAP to run on the Tablet PC. AutoPimp will not provide customers who license AutoCRAP API documentation unless they pay to belong to a developers program which itself is a sham with additional hidden fees.

    15 years ago the National Science Foundation commercialized the Internet in 1991. AutoPimp has released 27 releases of AutoCrap since then and their over-priced garbage products still will not as much support any meaningful extensibility, integration or interoperability with anything.

    So, when you see architects used as examples in these presentations: think f*cking losers!

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