By Harry Fuecks

Marcus has a blog!

By Harry Fuecks

  • Sn2

    Short but sweet ;)

  • It’s not that important :).

    yours, Marcus

  • ghuytro

    Ouch – the graphing paper background is making me cross-eyed :)

    I really enjoyed that Aug 31 entry though.

  • Glad to see another WordPress user! :tup:

  • It’s not that important :)


    Marcus goes for a walk!


  • Stryderjzw


    anyways, looking forward to the many insightful posts…

  • Marcus goes for a walk!

    More likely
    Marcus changes a nappie! ;)

  • Jake

    Thanks for the PHP JS break, my brain was starting to hurt. Anyway, back to life!

  • … so where’s the WP credits? :)

  • Ok, ok, enough already. I toned down the graph paper. What WP credits? I have a pointer from the blog page to their site.

  • Jake

    I liked it better when you could SEE the bg! ;-) Oh well, you can’t please everyone.

  • [quote=”lastcraft”]Ok, ok, enough already. I toned down the graph paper.[/quote] As long as we are nitpicking other programmers aesthetic choices, I think that the graph paper background would be nicer fixed to the background rather than scrolling under the text.

    Overall no where near as important as having Marcus write up some more posts to populate the blog ;)

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