Make WordPress Work for You

    Mick Gibson

    Since WordPress morphed out of b2/cafelog in 2003, it’s overtaken all competitors to become the world’s content management system of choice.

    wordpress stats

    • 65,810,415 WordPress sites in the world (at time of writing)
    • Over 100,000 new WordPress sites are created every day!
    • Powers 14.7% of Alexa Internet’s “top 1 million” websites
    • Used in 22% of all new websites

    WordPress Early Days
    At the center of WordPress’s success has been its ease of use, clean styling, and open-source ethos, as outlined in a VERY early version of
    The beauty of WordPress is that it works for corporations (driving the likes of Wired, CNN, and The New York Times), as well as for smaller blogs and businesses.

    Most of you will have set up a standard WordPress site using a free theme, but how many have managed to:

    • Fully understand WordPress’s underlying code
    • Manipulate its server-side capabilities
    • Customize it for a wide range of projects
    • Harness its powerful APIs, plugins, and other extensions?

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    In short it’ll … make the world’s most versatile CMS work for you!
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