Macromedia Releases Latest Installation of the DevNet Series

By sgrosvenor

DevNet Resource Kit Volume 9 has been released by Macromedia, and includes some interesting Flash Components as well as extensions and applications for ColdFusion and Dreamweaver.

Enhanced DataGrid

Now contains draggable columns, PageControl component (for record navigation) all wrapped up in the ubiquitous halo theme

XHTML TableRenderer

Allows the creation of complex tables using HTML methodologies for markup for use in Flash, with control over borders, coloring either via inline or external CSS

Application Library 2

Containing over 40 icons and graphics for creating Flash applications, with a common XP theme

Definitely worth the purchase this one!!

  • Michal

    You have a typo in the title ;-)

  • zapod

    where are the examples? and docs?

  • Chris

    What happened to this blog? Is it finished?



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