By Miles Burke

Look for Opportunities, Wherever They Are

By Miles Burke

We recently bought a new company vehicle, and of course, I took my own advice from Issue 487 and had vehicle signage applied. The car looks great, and we’ve had a few inbound enquiries as a result.

I had a great experience last week at the gas station that I wanted to share, though.

Here I was, filling up the tank, when I was approached by a young man asking about my business. He went on to ask if we ever used commercial photographers, and when I said yes, he handed over his business card.


Wow! What initiative. Here was this photographer, driving past the gas station, when he pulled over to the side of the road, walked back to give me his card, along with a great question – ‘What would it take to impress your team into hiring me for the next project?’

I was caught completely unawares, yet this guy certainly left a great impression. He has since followed up with an email, and we’ll certainly consider him when we next need some images shot.

So, what’s the moral of this story?

Look for opportunities all the time: just because it is after office-hours on a weekend doesn’t mean you should ignore an opportunity.

Maybe approaching strangers at a gas station could be a little extreme, however how often have you seen an office or company branded car and wished you looked after their website?

Good luck in recognizing and seizing those opportunities!

  • well said.

  • I especially pay attention to the branded vans that have a “@yahoo.co.uk” type email address plastered on the side

  • JScottA

    His stopping to solicit your business is not what I’d consider extreme. After all, you had signage on your vehicle – implying that you were open for business. I think that his courage and motivation should be commended. I would certainly give the guy a shot at my next project–after seeing his work, of course, and interviewing him a little more.

  • Will note this strategy, but would only do this to dream clients? Clients which would beef up the portfolio or provide good business.

    I wouldn’t want to approach anybody, some may be nuisance after all.

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