By Simon Willison

Lists that don’t look like lists

By Simon Willison
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Russ Weakley, author of the impressive Listamatic CSS demonstration, recently received an interesting challenge to create a TV remote control navigation bar using CSS. The anonymous challenger argued that this exampled disproved Russ’s assertion that using a list for navigation doesn’t limit the page designer.

Never one to shirk a challenge, Russ provided a detailed response, including a mock-up of a remote control constructed from an unordered list. It’s a nice enough demo but it does still have an air of list about it. For rock solid proof that a list can be shaped in to pretty much any navigation design you could possible want, look no further than Dave Shea’s CSS Sprites, in particular this beautiful example of a list converted in to a set of irregularly shaped overlapping rollover images using nothing but CSS.


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