Link research (and blogging) made easier

My buddy Aaron Wall, who writes a little blog called the SEO Book, has released a very nice tool for doing link research called Hub Finder. As far as I know, nobody’s currently hosting this tool online, but you can download the source code and install it yourself. The purpose of this application is to find topically related sites by looking at common backlinks between URLs. To quote Aaron, “none of the major text link analysis tools for sale allow you to check co-citation, or pages which link to multiple related resources.” This one does. :D

Aaron has recently launched another tool called Link Harvester which does link searches beyond the 1000 link limit normally returned by search engines. It is available here, for download or to try online.

Both of these applications are Open Source, GPL, and free. I’ve got my own link research application in development similar to Hub Finder, which will also be released under the GPL terms.

Thanks to Aaron (and the programmers involved) for contributing to the pool of useful source code, and for giving me something to blog about on a slow news day.