Let Us Take You All the Way to the Cloud …

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If you’re still hosting sites the old way, it’s time to take a closer look at cloud computing.
Announcing the official AWS insider’s guide to cloud computing, “Host Your Web Site in the Cloud: Amazon Web Services Made Easy,” authored by Amazon Web Services Senior Evangelist, Jeff Barr.

Cloud hosting is ideal for developers and designers needing room and flexibility to be innovative without worrying about server capacity. This book will save you time hacking through the documentation. Simply follow this complete guide and get your apps into the cloud fast!

Why host in the cloud?

  • Cost-effective server and storage solution
  • Immediate and reliable server support and scalability
  • Big savings on time, money, and resources
  • A resume booster when you add cloud computing to your skill set

This one-of-a-kind book shows you exactly how to pull it all together into a powerful hosting solution.  For only US$39.95, you can do it yourself and secure the stability of your projects forevermore.

So, for the cost of a pizza and beer, learn how to harness the power of the cloud and start saving time, money, and resources today.

Let us take you all the way to the cloud.

Grab your copy of “Host Your Web Site in the Cloud” right away!

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