By Andrew Neitlich

Lessons from a panel of top producers

By Andrew Neitlich

I just got back from leading a seminar with 100 or so IT professionals/entrepreneurs. During the seminar, we had a panel of top producers — both “rookies” who had achieved excellent results within a year, and “veterans” who had been at it a while.

The first question was, “What tactics have worked best for you?”

In order of number of responses, here are their answers:


One: Building their “sphere of influence” by networking and asking for referrals

Two: Delighting current customers, following up with them to get more business, and asking for referrals

Three: Lead exchange groups (e.g. BNI, starting their own)

Four: Getting involved in the community, for instance the local chamber of commerce and in volunteer activities– but wisely, in ways that build real relationships with influential people

Five: Choosing a vertical market/industry and reaching decision makers in that industry via direct mail and follow up calls, along with joining their association and getting active with it

Six: Advertising via a variety of means

Seven: Cold calling

This hierarchy makes sense to me….How about to you?

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