Leo Laporte on Open Source

By Blane Warrene

For those who were rabid fans of TechTV (like myself) and latched onto Leo’s lively coverage of modern tech – he lives on in many ways – including a growing podcast, blog as well as in mainstream media.

The Mad Penguin has a great interview with Leo on the intersection of traditional media and content and the open source world. Apparently there is a theme emerging here as we see modern media converge with modern open source technology.

It is interesting to think about this shift of technology, presentation and how web professionals will leverage content and open source beyond the web browser. Certainly we need to begin exploring this more in depth.

  • JZA

    I think Opera is a great example of companies triying to get into the next big thing. If you listen to Laporte’s TWITcast he interviewed Opera’s CEO and even though he spend most of the time ranting about IE. Opera as a product is very forward looking on what would be the next big thing. Opera has included speech recognition (limited), high level contrast display (CSS themes) and just a whole lot of ways to interact with the web content.
    Again I suggest an old podcast from IT Conversations and Doc Searl talking about the way Open source see the technology and how is almost the same as civil engineers see construction materials.

    People build, construct, APIs, interfaces, they are all bricks and steel to develop things. This things build more things on top and so on.

    On Web 2.0 and with technology such as DOM becoming an actuall open/comptabile building block, IE stuff is quickly diminshing and standards are actually rising. Construction seem to finally to finally has shapen up.

  • www.nblavoie.com

    I would like to say that the interview is very interesting. People need to bookmark this as soon as possible. And by the way, JZA got a great comment too :)

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