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Beginners Git, or: If I Could Turn Back Time…

By Thom Parkin

Have you ever saved a file called ‘index-2.html’, just so you didn’t overwrite ‘index.html’? And then saved ‘index-3.html’? It gets messy, doesn’t it? That is EXACTLY why Git was invented.

In this video, produced by our sister company Learnable, you’ll learn the basics of Git, and see why it is a tool that could help you never lose a file again.

[youtube v=0hVV3pO87Qg]

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A self-proclaimed ParaHacker and avid Logophile, Thom has been writing software since the days when ALL telephones had wires. Leaving Fortran and COBOL behind and having become bored with Java, Thom is currently a Serial Rails Developer living in The Sunshine State. When not working on Open Source projects, developing articles and tutorials for Learnable, or helping to manage the Sitepoint Forums as a Team Leader, Thom is playing Euro-Games. With a reputation for puns and wordplay, Thom calls himself an avid Logophile and Polyphiloprogenitive Programming Polyglot.

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