WordPress Tools and Plugins

This Tools and Plugins section of our WordPress Hub covers a number of tools and plugins for improving your WordPress workflow and extending functionality.

We look at developing WordPress themes faster with Gulp, one of a number of tools that can revolutionize your development workflow.

We also introduce WP-CLI, a command-line interface for managing a WordPress site, covering its main commands and also introducing some of its third-party packages.

Lazy loading is one method for improving page load speed. We look into lazy loading options for WordPress, including a bunch of tools for setting it up in WordPress.

We also cover the basics of building your own WordPress plugins and best practices for WordPress plugin development.

We show how easy it is to use Font Awesome with WordPress — an easy way to add fully responsive, customizable icons without using images or sprites.

Translating your site into multiple languages might seem like an impossible goal, but thanks to the Weglot translation plugin, you can quickly create a site that reaps all the benefits of catering to non-native speakers, but without the time-consumption and hassle.

We also look into how to add better search functionality to your WordPress site, covering Algolia, Elasticsearch, Relevanssi, SearchWP and Amazon CloudSearch.

Take a look below for links to further tools and resources for WordPress, and consider checking out our WordPress books and video courses.

Further Learning

This WordPress Hub also has a Tips and Best Practices section, containing a range of tips and tricks for getting the most out of WordPress, and a Tutorials section, where we walk through various WordPress development skills.