Website Performance Tools & Resources

This Tools section of SitePoint’s Website Performance Hub covers resources for getting the best performance results out of your apps and websites.

We start by discussing a wide range of development tools for boosting front-end and back-end website performance — some of which you’ll have heard of, others perhaps not — but all of which are worth adding to your app performance arsenal.

We also take a deep dive into optimization auditing with Chrome’s Dev Console, exploring features of the Chrome DevTools for measuring performance and debugging your web applications. Likewise, we dig into performance auditing with Firefox, providing an in-depth guide to making use of the performance-related tools within Firefox’s developer tools.

We also look into tools for improving page load performance, introducing Pingdom, YSlow, GTmetrix and a range of other tools for testing, debugging and fixing website performance.

We also cover using ‘pm static’ for maximum performance, looking at how best to set up PHP-FPM for high throughput, low latency and a more stable use of CPU and memory.

Finally, we dig into web app performance testing with Siege, using it to benchmark and load-test a Symfony app, killing it, and then using cache to revive it and make it work under pressure!

These topics are also available in printed/ebook form if you’d rather hold a book in your hand or read an ebook on the go.

Further Learning

This performance hub also includes a comprehensive introductory series of guides to the various aspects of website performance, as well as an in-depth Tutorials section, where we work through a series of practical, real-world performance projects, all based around a simple image gallery blog.