UX Analytics Tools & Resources

This Tools section of our UX Analytics Hub gets you up to speed with various tools and resources that make it possible to collect and understand the data needed to supercharge your UX design decisions.

We provide an introduction to Optimizely, a major A/B testing tool that includes tools and integrations, allowing anyone to quickly learn more about their audience and experiment with design and content changes non-destructively.

We also look at Google Optimize, another A/B testing tool that integrates with Google Analytics and is great for making data-driven design decisions — by experimenting with variations and seeing which converts better.

In our introduction to Crazy Egg we dig into the value of heatmaps, another essential tool for identifying where your website is falling short in terms of UX. By combining heatmaps and A/B testing, Crazy Egg is an invaluable tool in your UX optimization arsenal.

Our introduction to Hotjar outlines the new and improved methods for conducting usability testing, showing how Hotjar — used in conjunction with Google Analytics — helps to explain the causes behind the user behavior you’re observing.

Our article on using quantitative data with qualitative research highlights the importance of a systemized approach to user research, along with using the right tools.

We also discuss how to optimize bounce rates, looking at how a bounce rate can be used as a way to identify opportunities for search engine optimization, app copy optimization, landing page optimization (including identifying fake paid traffic), and overall UX optimization.

Our sweep of current analytics tools for optimizing UX rounds up the best analytics tools for analyzing and optimizing your user experiences, such as Kissmetrics, also referencing tutorials to help you get started with them. And our review of A/B testing tools for making data-driven design decisions guides you on the best A/B testing and CRO (conversion rate optimization) testing tools to help you decide which is most suitable for you or your team.

Further Learning

This tools and resources section contains more related articles on UX analytics tools, and a number of books, including the articles mentioned above in book form.

And don’t forget that our UX Analytics Hub also has a range of beginner resources for those getting started with UX analytics, as well as a Tutorials section that covers lots of practical skills for conducting user research and optimizing user experience.