Getting Started With Node.js

Node.js is “an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code server-side” … to quote Wikipedia. If you have no idea what that means, then you’re in the right place!

This Node.js Beginner’s section of our Node.js Hub provides everything you need for learning Node.js — from beginner introductions to full coverage of all the important bits of Node.

What Is Node.js?

If you’ve just googled “What is Node JS?”, we recommend you start by reading our article on what Node is and how you can use it, which takes you step by step through the technicalities of Node.js in language you can understand.

You might also like to check out, Your First Week With Node.js a beginner-friendly introduction to Node.js.

If videos are more your thing, take a look at Getting Started with Node.js, which introduces Node API development, setting up your Node.js environment, working with MongoDB and Postman, and extending Node.js with npm, as well as guiding you through your first Hello, World! app.

Getting Started with Node.js

Once you know what Node.js is, you’ll want to understand its various parts and how to use it. That’s a good time to start having some fun with Node.js, which gets you to roll your sleeves up and provides a hands-on introduction to Node.

Next, it’s time to get familiar with npm, Node’s package manager, which helps you install the vast array of Node-based tools that have evolved to transform the face of front-end development.

From there, you can learn things like how to build a web server with Node.js, how to use MySQL with Node, and how Node works with the MEAN stack.

You can also learn how to use SSL/TLS with Node.js, how to deal with forms in Node, and how to debug JavaScript with Node Debugger.

We also cover Node best practices and tips for becoming a better Node developer. And we offer more advanced books and courses for Node.js learners, such as a video course on building your first React, ES6 and Node.js app and a book covering full-stack JavaScript development with MEAN.

Tutorials, Resources and More

There’s lots more to explore in this Node.js for Beginners section of our Node.js Hub.

Make sure to check out what else is on offer, too. We provide extensive Node.js tutorials for beginners and experts alike, and we also cover a wide range of Node.js IDEs, frameworks, tools and other resources as well.