Learn JavaScript

Initially designed to make web pages more dynamic, JavaScript has risen to become a dominant programming tool on the Web, and its reach now extends well beyond the browser.

Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript. — Jeff Atwood

JavaScript engines are now found on servers and in many other runtime environments that allow JavaScript to power everything from databases, mobile and desktop apps, to IoT devices and robots.

JavaScript is the most popular topic for our SitePoint audience, which is why we have a vast array of resources covering every aspect of the language. We have articles, books and video courses — for beginners right through to the most advanced users.

These resources include specialist hubs that cover React, Angular and Node as well as extensive Modern JavaScript resources, as detailed below.

Getting Started with Modern JavaScript

The introductory Getting Started with Modern JavaScript section of this JavaScript Hub covers a wide array of concepts and principles involved in using the JavaScript of today.

We look at the anatomy of a modern JavaScript application, and provide a series of basic concept guides that cover new features of the language introduced through ES6, ES7, ES8 and ES9, including new string, array and number methods, the new variable types, arrow functions, ES6 modules, default parameters and property shorthands, performance optimization, various best practices… and a lot more.

We also have lots of books and courses for learning modern JavaScript and advanced principles, such as our Novice to Ninja introduction, ES2015 anthology, or our introduction to ES6 course.

Modern JavaScript Tutorials

The Tutorials section of our Modern JavaScript Hub offers a range of lessons, tips and tricks for becoming a JavaScript expert. It contains modern JavaScript project materials for beginners, more advanced tutorials and other learning resources for those wanting to push their expertise to the next level.

We discuss retrofitting a website as a progressive web app and building JavaScript Single Page Apps, replacing jQuery with Vue, and building React, ES6 and Node.js apps.

We also introduce WebAssembly, step through how to build a to-do list with Hyperapp, show how to work with WebRTC, how to build a 3D image gallery with React VR, and how to work with data visualization using D3.

Once you’re ready, you can take a deeper dive into Modern JavaScript with our 6 JavaScript Projects, as well as our courses mastering JavaScript Closures, Data Structures and Map/Reduce and following functional JavaScript principles.

Modern JavaScript Resources & Tools

The Tools section of this Modern JavaScript Hub covers JavaScript tools, IDEs and other resources that support the work of JavaScript developers.

We cover build tools through our introduction to Gulp.js, our beginner’s guide to webpack 4 and module bundling, and our introduction to setting up an ES6 project using Babel and webpack. And for Babel newcomers, we also have a handy beginner’s guide.

Other tools covered include Axios, a popular, promise-based HTTP client, and Modernizr, as well as tools and skills for React, Angular and Node.js.

Happy learning!