Getting Started with Bootstrap

This getting started section of our Bootstrap Hub contains a wide range of resources for learning the basics of Bootstrap.

If you’re new to Bootstrap, a good way to get started is to read about what’s to love about Bootstrap, how Bootstrap actually works, and what some of its best features are.

After that, maybe dig into the various parts of Bootstrap, such as modals, utility classes, form components, card components, tabs, or how to incorporate responsive typography into a Bootstrap-based website.

With the basics in place, it’s time to refine your skills by learning about how to speed up a Bootstrap site, make it more accessible, how to incorporate Google’s Material Design into Bootstrap or how to customize Bootstrap jQuery plugins.

There are lots more topics to explore, as you’ll see below — from working with templates and themes to buttons, tables, navigation menus and more.

Best wishes with your journey into all things Bootstrap! Once you feel you know Bootstrap and how it works, check out some of our great Bootstrap tutorials and some of the amazing tools that will boost your Bootstrap workflow.