Ethereum Tutorials

This Tutorials section of our Blockchain Hub takes you on a journey through building decentralized applications using the Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain development of this type is in high demand, and it’s only getting more popular, so you have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

The tutorials center around a project called called The Neverending Story, which has its own website at The full code for the project is available at GitHub.

The first tutorial focuses on laying out the app’s rules and features and setting up the private blockchain, showing how to build your own custom Ethereum token with or without an accompanying DAO and app.

The second tutorial focuses on getting through building and deploying a basic TNS token that will be used to vote on proposals in the Story DAO.

The third tutorial looks at how to compile, deploy, test and verify our custom TNS token, which is compatible with all exchanges and can be used as a regular ERC20 token.

The fourth tutorial shows how to take the first steps towards developing a Story DAO, covering whitelisting and testing.

The fifth tutorial deals with adding content to the story, looking at how to add the ability for participants to buy tokens from the DAO and to add submissions into the story.

The sixth tutorial covers how to take the DAO contract to its final form, dealing with voting and democratization, by adding voting, blacklisting/unblacklisting, and dividend distribution and withdrawal, while throwing in some additional helper functions for good measure.

The seventh tutorial focuses on how to build the app’s front end, setting up and deploying the UI for this story we’ve been working on.

The eighth and final tutorial looks at the final steps of deploying the app and writing a few final functions.

More Learning Materials and Tools

This Blockchain Hub also includes lots of introductory resources for those getting started with blockchain and Ethereum, as well as a Tools and Resources section, where you’ll find lots of materials to support your blockchain workflow.