Learn Python & More from Scratch for $49

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    Learn Python & more from scratch for $49

    Step 1: master one of the most popular programming languages out there. Step 2: round out your skill set with Git, Bootstrap, D3.js, and Flask. Step 3: Snag your dream job, successfully ask for a raise, and be next in line for a promotion. Do it all with help from the Ultimate Python Coding Bundle, now $49 at SitePoint Shop.

    This bundle comes with seven courses that teach you Python—and then help you master how to use it with Bootstrap, Git, D3.js, and Flask. You’ll learn how to write maintainable and reusable code, how to create web layouts and elements like image carousels, how to resolve bugs, how to create data-driven apps, how to build an authentication and authorization system, and plenty more. You’ll have lifetime access to all seven courses, so no pressure to cram.

    Next step: a lucrative programming career you love. Get the Ultimate Python Coding Bundle for $49 at SitePoint Shop.