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Learn Photography and Image Editing from the Pros for $69

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Learn photography and image editing from the pros for $69

Mastering Instagram’s filters doesn’t make you a photographer. But the Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle will. Save 93% off the regular price and grab it for $69 at SitePoint Shop.

The 14 courses in this bundle will take you through every step of getting great shots. Master wedding photography, black and white photography, portraits, night photography, travel photography, and more. You’ll learn your way around a DSLR camera, even shooting HD video with it. Once you’ve got some shots to play with, dive into the Adobe courses. You’ll learn how to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to polish your photos, add watermarks, manage color in an image, and more.

Think beyond the Instagram filter. Get the Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle for $69.

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