Learn J2EE programming with passion

By Kevin Yank

Ready to get serious about learning Java Web application and enterprise application development? I can’t say I blame you — those skills will net a pretty penny in the current job market. That’s why J2EE Programming (with Passion!), a free online class offered by Sun Microsystems employee Sang Shin in his spare time, is such an amazing opportunity.

Offered by means of a Yahoo! Groups discussion list, the class runs for about the length of a university semester. Once you subscribe, you’re responsible for reviewing the weekly pre-class reading material, reading the classroom slides with accompanying notes, and completing the assigned coursework and final project by the assigned dates. It’s just like taking a university class only you don’t have to show up at lectures… oh, and did I mention it’s free?

If you’ve been awaiting an opportunity to learn J2EE in a structured way without shelling out a bunch of money on books and classes, this might just be the ticket. Sang Shin also offers a few other online classes, an advanced J2EE class among them.

The next session of J2EE Programming (with Passion!) starts September 26th. Time permitting, I plan to participate.

  • Octal

    Thanks for the link, I’m definately interested!

  • Bloobird

    Yea it looks a good oppertunity. Ive been meaning to learn this for a while. Its good that something like this has come along!

  • RaS!

    I’m on it!

  • MystaMax

    wow thats simply awesome! Too bad I have yet to master OOP. I only grasp the concept

  • Dean C

    Does this online course take you from the very basics onwards? I have no experience working with Java before but will be learning it at uni this year. This might be what I’m looking for to get a head-start.

  • Kevin Yank

    Looks like a good knowledge of Java as a pure language is assumed. But you can probably get what you need from my introductory Java articles here on SitePoint.

  • Anonymous

    its fantastics…i am thrilled …these guys are doing a great job…keep it up man! and many thanks

  • NeilSaunders

    Thank you for bringing my attention to this! I’ve signed up and can’t wait to start!

  • Sudar

    Thanks for the link. Very useful one. Just signed up

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  • loganathan

    hi..i am new to j2ee..thanks for the is more interesting and passion

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