Learn How to Create vr Apps, 3D Models, and Games for $39

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    Learn how to create VR apps, 3D models, and games for $39

    Ben Tristem is kind of a big deal. His online game development school was a huge hit on Kickstarter. He’s been an entrepreneur since the age of 15. And he knows everything you ever wanted to know about creating VR apps, games, and 3D models. Best of all? He’s happy to share his knowledge with SitePoint readers. Get the Ben Tristem Pack and get three awesome courses for just $39, a savings of $39.

    You’ll have lifetime access to the three courses in this bundle, so you have time to work your way through all of them. The virtual reality app course will help you master the fundamentals as you create a game from scratch. For gamers who want to start making their own games, you’ll get the opportunity to do just that, mastering Unity and C# as you build eight games from scratch. And the 3D modeling course teaches you how to use Blender to create 3D models for video game graphics, artwork, gifts, and more.

    Be more like Ben. Be a big deal. Learn how to make VR apps, games, and 3D models with the Ben Tristem Pack for $39.