Latest Flash Components and Add-Ons

By sgrosvenor
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Well, it seems like folks have been busy developing components and add-ons for Flash lately; here’s a quick round up of the latest developments that caught my eye.

First up is the B-LINE CHARTING COMPONENTS 3.0 from B-LINE EXPRESS; a set of charting components that can hook into sources from most common application servers, XML or just plain text as well as support for DataProvider and data binding.

Be sure to check out the drilling capabilities example and the animation / 3D rendering example.

Priced at $295.00, it’s more expensive that other offerings such as WebAssist’ Dynamic Flash Charts, but the feature list is more extensive and is aimed at all levels of application developer.

Second up is a very interesting offering from MakingThings,an AS 2.0 library allowing you to control their device sets and modules from within Flash.

There are many modules on offer from the site from controlling sensors to motors, and reading the list of potential applications on the site, I

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Until now, there’s been only product news on this blog. Why is that, if I may ask. The other SP Blogs like the PHP Blog(blogged by Harry), DHTML & CSS Blog(blogged by Simon), ColdFusion Blog(bloged by David) rarely do a product info & review thing. They are more focussed on providing/discussing new things/technologies within the field & how to implement them along with providing tips ‘n’ tricks, thus mainly focussing on development in the field/language/tool rather than doing product reviews. I mean its OK to have them once-twice in a while but only/regularly that thing goes just out of acceptability.
    When are we going to see such kinda things here in the Flash Blog? Or is it only about what new products have come out for Flash Development?

    Frankly, I’m very disappointed with this kind of Blogging in this Blog. I expected more.

  • Jon Morrow

    I can understand all of the product reviews. People are doing a lot of exciting things with Flash these days and its easy to get caught up in the coolness of it. I’m certainly tantalized.

    I think the community would, however, give a few more cheers for more in-depth content. My favorite blog is the small-business one. It consistently gives me something I can apply to make my business and life better. If you could give us information on how to use Flash to improve performance, usability, aesthetics, or whatever else, it would be great.

    And that might involve a lot of product reviews. For example, you could tell us at about how to use the newest component to benefit our applications. You could give us examples of different uses. Right now, I have to follow your links to find out anything about the product, and to be honest, I’m lazy. I want you to convince me of how great or stupid it is without having to leave the site.

  • sgrosvenor

    Thanks for the feedback folks, and whilst it is my aim to provide a broad range of interests for the Sitepoint Flash population, the Flash based development community (components, extensions etc) has seen unprecedented development since the latest release of Flash with some exciting additions to the Flash toolkit; hence the product related posts.

    I do take your comments seriously and embrace your feedback. With that said, i will endeavour to post to as wide an audience as possible.

  • Yeah, I know that Flash Community has seen never before development since the release of FlashMX 2004(got it mainly from this Blog). But I guess that you got too carried away. :p
    I’m now looking forward to a wholesome post from you, which will satisfy the appetite of us Flash developers to some extent(it’d be difficult to satisfy it totally with just one post). ;)