LAMPPIX: Bootable webserver on a CD

By Harry Fuecks

Here’s a great idea – LAMPPIX a LAMP web server, bootable from a CD. It uses KNOPPIX, a Linux distribution designed to boot from a CD as well as XAMPP – a distribution of Apache + the usual suspects (e.g. mmCache).

For PHP solution providers seems like a great way to distribute your product to customers without requiring specialist knowledge from them – just put the CD in and reboot.

Thanks to Jon for the tip off.

Update: – a good point from Chris over at Deskpro – looks like you may need to purchase a MySQL MySQL license if you’re packaging your own code like this, when the code is not under a GPL-compatible license. From the license;

Please note that even if you ship a free demo version of your own application, the above rules apply.

I’m by no means a licensing expert so could be wrong but make sure you investigate. Strikes me this a flaw with XAMPP – perhaps Postgres and / or Firebird would be a better choice.

  • Sasa
  • HarryF

    Find out about something new… find out there’s a choice!

    Think it’s time to get the burner out and take a look at how both of these are set up… Thanks for the tip

  • asp_funda

    Wow, that’s cool. Thanks Harry, it’ll sure come in handy. Now if I can find similar tools for running ASP & JSP from the CDs too, it’ll be just too good. Well, I’m on the lookout.

  • Dean C

    Wow very interesting – thanks for the tip off ;)

  • Setec Astronomy

    Some times ago I have seen an advertising here on SitePoint for DWebPro promotion. DWebPro is a stand alone web server for Windows platform that supports a lot of server side languages and databases. I have tried it and it works quite nicely. It’s distributed under “Free for non commercial use”.

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