By Troels Knak-Nielsen

Keeping Current With PHP

By Troels Knak-Nielsen

Just a quick hint to people with an interest in the development of PHP, but no time for following php-internals. Since March, there has been a wiki at The most interesting section is probably, which – as the name implies – contains RFC‘s for improvements of the language. I’ve rambled on about closures and lambdas before, but as you can see, there is now an accepted patch. Whether it’ll make it into 5.3 is unlikely at this point, but it looks like it’ll at least be coming with 5.4 and/or 6.0.

While we’re at it, Steph Fox have dutifully been writing up summaries of php-internals discussions on a weekly basis since the beginning of time. If you just want to get the headlines, it’s an informative read.

Have a nice summer.

  • MathieuK

    Closures are actually in PHP 5.3 at this time:

    Mekkie:closure mathieu$ php t.php

  • Lukas

    Closures is now accepted into 5.3, but its not considered a key feature, so it might still be dropped in case we run into bigger issues,

  • Jani Taskinen

    Closures/lambda patch was committed already to PHP_5_3 branch. So it will be in PHP5.3.0: date:

    2008/07/14 09:48:59; author: dmitry; state: Exp; lines: +329 -0
    Added support for lambda functions and closures

  • kyberfabrikken

    Thanks for the update on that; Great to see them coming in 5.3, since it could take a while before we get to 5.4.

  • René Leonhardt

    Closures are already in PHP 5.3 and I will never let them go again ;)
    Just try the example code:

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