By Harry Fuecks

Jules Up Over

By Harry Fuecks

Met up with Sitepoint’s own Jules who’s just starting a motorbiking adventure round Europe and had a couple of days in Zurich.

Was a lot of fun. So much so I’m too unwell to type much today. There’s an ad hoc interview about Jules, Sitepoint and PHP in my head which I’ll post as soon as I can remember the details…

By chance ran into Christian and Hannes as well, while munching at Lily’s. Small world.

Anyway – good luck to Jules who’s picking up his bike in Bern today.

  • Yep, poor Lucas has had to do all the pedalling to keep the SitePoint servers going by himself. I got him one of those powerbars the other though, so he should be alright. ;)

  • He is supposed to come and visit me too! :)

  • He is supposed to come and visit me too! :)

    He mentioned he was hoping to. Somehow seems like an insane bike ride he’s planning starting in Switzerland, then Hungary and somehow to England. May be distances look bigger to a European than an Australian ;)

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