JSFL Quickies

JSFL (Flash JavaScript) is a powerful medium for interacting with the Flash API during authoring in MX 2004, and over the past few months I’ve been examining the API with a view to creating time saving commands. This is kind of an ongoing process, so I thought I’d throw in a couple of quickies that I use all the time.

Library Generator

When I first create a new FLA, rather than go through the chore of creating multiple folders within the Library Panel, I run the ‘Library Generator’ command, to create a simple list of my commonly used folders ready for population with buttons MC’s etc.

Rocket science it isn’t, timesaving it is!

Random Opacity

Have more than a handful of MC’s that you need to change the opacity for quickly, then look no further, with the ‘Random Opacity’ command you can quickly set a random value for the opacity of the MC, plus it gives the instance a name if it lacks one. Again, its crude, but it does the trick!