JSFL Quickies

By sgrosvenor

JSFL (Flash JavaScript) is a powerful medium for interacting with the Flash API during authoring in MX 2004, and over the past few months I’ve been examining the API with a view to creating time saving commands. This is kind of an ongoing process, so I thought I’d throw in a couple of quickies that I use all the time.

Library Generator

When I first create a new FLA, rather than go through the chore of creating multiple folders within the Library Panel, I run the ‘Library Generator’ command, to create a simple list of my commonly used folders ready for population with buttons MC’s etc.

Rocket science it isn’t, timesaving it is!

Random Opacity

Have more than a handful of MC’s that you need to change the opacity for quickly, then look no further, with the ‘Random Opacity’ command you can quickly set a random value for the opacity of the MC, plus it gives the instance a name if it lacks one. Again, its crude, but it does the trick!

  • sgrosvenor

    I’ve updated the Random Opacity command to allow you to apply your own values for the minimum and maximum opacity. The updated MXP is available from the same link above

  • is the library generator command customisable?

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