JSFL Quickies III :Selective Layer Lock

By sgrosvenor

Selective Layer Locker

I often find when working in Flash (as I like to arrange my layers in logical orders) that selecting objects on the stage in a particular layer, and resizing using the subselection tool etc can be somewhat of a pain when you have a lot of objects on the stage.

I used to find myself locking and unlocking layers just so I could get to where I needed to go without accidentally selecting objects from other layers, so here’s a another quickie command from the pot. To use the ‘Selective Layer Locker’ command simply install the MXP below, click on a layer on the timeline that you wish to edit the contents of, and select ‘Commands > Selective Lock’ to lock all the other layers.

Selective Layer Locker (MXP)

  • Still sounds like a bit of a pain. :(

    I have the same problem that you do. However, I’ve gotten in the habit of working on my layers in logical order.

    That way, by keeping all layers locked except the one I’m working on, I don’t really run into problems too much.

    Also, I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping layers to a minimum by using as many movieClips as I can.

  • Steve, with all this talk of rolling your own Flash extensions, how about a tutorial on the subject? Information on JSFL and building Flash extensions (MXP files) is a bit scattered, and having a tutorial on the subject in one place with a practical outcome would be great.

  • kuan

    Thanks, this works great. Even better when you assign a keyboard shortcut to the command!

  • Redivider

    Can you write extensions with JSFL in Flash MX or just MX 2004?

    I still use MX at work, for compatibility with everyone else here who still uses MX, but I have a bunch of ideas for extensions like this.

    I tried installing this one and it automatically installed for MX 2004 so I assume it’s version specific.

  • Steven (On Hols)


    Yes, I was thinking about a JSFL based article, it’s power only knows the bounds of your imagination!


  • ez

    Hi Steve,

    Is it just me….
    Does your layer lock ext. not do the same as ALT + click layer?


  • sgrosvenor

    JSFL based commands were only brought into play in MX 2004, so if you have any ideas for commands you would like to see, then mail me via the feedback panel on the left hand side and I’ll get to them as fast as I can!!

  • msdrums

    Thats cold Ez! :-)

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