By Sam Deering

New jQuery4u Forum Launch!

By Sam Deering

Hi guys,

Need help with jQuery problem? Having jQuery coding problems? need to solve a jQuery issue?

Don’t stress yourself out! Ask one of our jQuery experts!


We have recently launched our new jQuery Forum!

In the forum you can:

  • Ask jQuery Questions (ie coding problems you are having or questions about jQuery and plugins)
  • Introduce Yourself and show off you jQuery stuff or jQuery blog
  • Post links to jQuery Resources: articles, tutorials & tips and links (keep it jQuery related please)

Hope you will find the forum useful!


The jQuery4u Team

  • jan van beugen

    I am looking for a way to let clouds slowly slide up from a fixed place on a website page. I made a html with jquery slideup (see code below). But in this html the cloud rises up much too fast and hides itself somehow before reaching the top of the webpage. Can anyone help with this? This is the code:

    div { background-image:url(;

    $(document.body).click(function () {
    if ($(“div:first”).is(“:hidden”)) {
    } else {

  • Jayashree

    Hi. I found your 12+ JQUERY MOBILE LAYOUT PLUGINS AND EXAMPLES very useful..I need some help..Can the “jquery-mobile – plugin: multiview” be used in my customized application? is the plugin been accepted by the Jquery standards? And is it been updated periodically.

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