jQuery Set Minimum Height for Page Content

jQuery code snippet which set a minimum height for a page content area based on the size of the window. This could be used to set the footer of a page to always be on the bottom within the page content area no matter what size the window is. It could be used with Capturing window resize so that it resizes automatically when the user resizes the browser window.

//sets the minimum height for the content area of the page
minWrapperHeight: function()
    var wrapperElem = $('#wrapper');
    var offset = wrapperElem.height()-wrapperElem.outerHeight()-$('header').height()-$('footer').height()-$('#wrapper').offset()['top'];
    console.log($(window).height() + ' - ' + offset + ' = ' + ($(document).height()-offset));
    wrapperElem.height($(window).height()+offset); //offset is negative