By Sam Deering

jQuery Programming | Treehouse Quick Tip

By Sam Deering
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Video Tutorial Details
Name jQuery Programming | Treehouse Quick Tip
Description Learn more about jQuery and web programming at:rnhttp://teamtreehouse.comrnrnjQuery is a JavaScript framework that makes it simple to add behavior to websites cross-browser using the same CSS selectors web developers are familiar with. This allows you to write less and do morernrnFirst, visit and download the framework. You’ll also see what jQuery code looks like in action.rnrnWhat you can do in one line of jQuery often amounts to several lines of JavaScript.rnrnWith over 80% of sites using jQuery, it has become the go-to framework for adding behavior and interactivity to your website. rnrnrnFollow us on Twitter:rn us on Facebook:rn this video:rn
Tags css
Target Skill Level beginner
Author Profile gotreehouse
Published 2012-10-23 15:45:38
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