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jQuery Presentation – Learn jQuery

By Sam Deering



😳 Ever felt a little embarassed sharing your JavaScript? Let's fix it.

This is a great jQuery Presentation for anyone whos learning jQuery and covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to jQuery (slides 1-16)
  2. jQuery Selector Examples (slides 17-31)
  3. jQuery Method Examples (slides 32-50)
  4. jQuery Attributes Examples (slides 51-71)
  5. jQuery Events Examples (slides 72-78)
  6. jQuery Animation Examples (slides 79-95)
  7. jQuery AJAX Examples (slides 96-105)
  8. jQuery – more about jQuery (slides 106-115)

Authors Blog

Sam Deering has 15+ years of programming and website development experience. He was a website consultant at Console, ABC News, Flight Centre, Sapient Nitro, and the QLD Government and runs a tech blog with over 1 million views per month. Currently, Sam is the Founder of Crypto News, Australia.

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