Finally by popular demand we have a list of the best plugins in each category. Great news for plugin hunters as there is no need to look through 100’s of jQuery plugins anymore to find the best one! Simply look at the best of the best for each category below! Plugins in all categories shown were voted for by the jQuery 4u team who took into account the following measures (in order of precedence): popularity, browser support, extensibility, and size, ease of use, documentation/support, and price and device compatibility when choosing the winners. Some categories have no yet been voting finalised so we will add them to the list as they come through.

Best jQuery Select Box Plugin Award Goes to:


This award has been given to Chosen jQuery plugin for ease of use, stability and extensive API functionality it provides to select boxes. It’s simply the best select box plugin you will find around at the moment.

Best jQuery Hover Plugin Award Goes to:


This award has been given to jQuery Hover because it provides a basic solution to a basic problem for delaying the hover event when a user might hover over an element without wanting to trigger a hover.

Best jQuery Date Time Picker Plugin Award Goes to:


This plugin provides an extension to jQuery UI Datepicker which you can choose the date and slide the time all in the same dialog. It also has options for date format display. Furthermore, you can add support for touch devices with an optional add-on.

Best jQuery Color Picker Plugin Award Goes to:


Before HTML5 color pickers take over, the clear winner in this category is Farbtastic with its click circle color chooser and very easy to setup.

Best jQuery Image Slider Plugin Award Goes to:


This newcomer for 2012 is a clear winner, just take a look at the demo and you will see why. It’s not a free plugin but the best doesn’t always come for free.

Best jQuery Tooltip Plugin Award Goes to:


The best lightweight tooltip plugin I have found doesn’t have the extensive options or styles but does the job without any problems.

Best jQuery 360 Degrees Plugin Award Goes to:


Easy winner in the category for displaying 360° views of something used as an alternative to Flash and Java techniques.

Best jQuery Endless Scroll Plugin Award Goes to:


Demo Plugin Information

This award has been given to jQuery Endless Scroll because of its adaptability and lightweight coding which makes it easily extensible and is very easy to configure.

Best jQuery Validation Plugin Award Goes to:


Considering the popularity of this plugin makes it a clear winner as everyone seems to be using it. It is pretty much the only decent jQuery validation plugin available at the moment.

Best jQuery Scroll Bar Plugin Award Goes to:


This award has been given to Tiny Scrollbar because it is super lightweight and provides a stable option to customize scrollbars which works in any browser or device.

Best jQuery Scrolling Plugin Award Goes to:


This award has been given to jQuery ScrollTo because it is the only plugin of its kind that has such extensive options for scrolling pages and elements and is widely supported.

Best jQuery Filter Plugin Award Goes to:


The winner for this category goes to Filtrify because of its very simple initialization code, use of HTML5 stored data, excellent demo examples and solid integration of related features such as pagination and lazy load to make it a more complete plugin.

Best jQuery Twitter Plugin Award goes to:


This award has been given to Twitter Friends Widget plugin for its great setup wizard, ability to style and customize pretty much everything. Great job Mike.

Best jQuery Dialog Window Plugin Award goes to:


This award has been given to jQuery UI Dialog simply because it’s by far the most stable and cross compatible dialog window around and can be themed using jQuery Theme roller. As most jQuery UI components it’s also very easy to setup and use.

Best jQuery Background Image Plugin Award Goes to:


This award has been given to Backstretch because of its excellent coding and simplicity and cross browser and device support. Great job.

Best jQuery Webpage Zoom Plugin Award Goes to:


This award has been given to Zoomooz because it has simply outstanding transformations and very good documentation and ease to setup.

Best jQuery Excel Plugin Award Goes to:


This award has been given to jQuery.Sheet because it has excellent excel like look and feel and really good examples with lots of controls.

Best jQuery 360 Image Rotate Plugin Award Goes to:


This award has been given to fc.tape because it has outstandingly smooth image animation frames from sprites and really good examples to get you started.

Best jQuery Image Tooltip Plugin Award Goes to:


This award has been given to iPicture because of its great idea to adding tooltips to images and it’s easy to configure, customize and integrate.

Best jQuery Progress Animation Plugin Award Goes to:


This award has been given to jQuery Knob because of its awesome interactions such as mouse click and wheel mouse, keyboard (on focus) and fingers (touch events).

Best jQuery Image Rotate Plugin Award Goes to:


This award has been given to jQuery Rotate because of its lightweight approve to and ability to rotate images smoothly in any browser. It also has some really good examples on GitHub.

Best jQuery Auto Fit Text Plugin Award Goes to:


This award has been given to FitText because of its simplicity and lightweight approach to the dynamic resizing of text based on browser resolution and device.