10 jQuery Developer Tips to Improve you


These are handy tips for any aspiring jQuery developer to improve their knowledge of JavaScript, be aware of the development tools available to them and hopefully become a better all round jQuery developer.

1. Use namespacing to protect your code – (learn about encapsulation and self executing functions)

2. Learn shorthand JavaScript coding – (ie if/else ? : document ready, etc)

3. Learn how to analyse HTTP requests – (Use NetPanel/http fox to check http requests on js files etc)

4. Improve debugging with Firebug/FireQuery – (inspect elements, apply live coding, console.log() etc)

5. Minify/hide your source code – (live = minified version, dev = source version)

6. Read through heaps of jQuery code snippets – (best way to learn stuff!)

7. Learn how to use $.each() properly – It’s one of jQuery’s finest!

8. Do some jQuery Mobile research – (lets face it, everything is going mobile these days!)

9. Discover new plugins – (why code something someone else has already done?)

10. Learn some tips & tricks – (last but not least!)