By Sam Deering

10 jQuery Developer Tips to Improve you

By Sam Deering
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These are handy tips for any aspiring jQuery developer to improve their knowledge of JavaScript, be aware of the development tools available to them and hopefully become a better all round jQuery developer.

1. Use namespacing to protect your code – (learn about encapsulation and self executing functions)


2. Learn shorthand JavaScript coding – (ie if/else ? : document ready, etc)

3. Learn how to analyse HTTP requests – (Use NetPanel/http fox to check http requests on js files etc)

4. Improve debugging with Firebug/FireQuery – (inspect elements, apply live coding, console.log() etc)

5. Minify/hide your source code – (live = minified version, dev = source version)

6. Read through heaps of jQuery code snippets – (best way to learn stuff!)

7. Learn how to use $.each() properly – It’s one of jQuery’s finest!

8. Do some jQuery Mobile research – (lets face it, everything is going mobile these days!)

9. Discover new plugins – (why code something someone else has already done?)

10. Learn some tips & tricks – (last but not least!)

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