By Sam Deering

New jQuery Demos Showcase

By Sam Deering
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Hi guys, we have collected some of the tutorials and demos from the blog and presented them in a jQuery showcase so you can easily view jQuery demos now and in the future.

View jQuery Showcase

Some of the demos we have done currently:

  • jQuery Parallax Tutorial – Animated Banner – Use jQuery to create your own Parallax Animated Banner or background.
  • jSlide Related Posts Plugin – jQuery Plugin I wrote to show related web pages in a slick sliding animation.
  • HTML5 Canvas Animation – Use HTML5 and JavaScript to create awesome animations.
  • jQuery Live RSS Feed – Use jQuery to display live RSS feeds on your web page.
  • Google Search API – Use jQuery and Google Search API to load search results.
  • jQueryUI Lock Webpage – Use jQuery to lock a web page on a timer.
  • ExtJS Desktop Example – This shows different UI based examples of the ExtJS Framework.

Enjoy! :)


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