jQuery Contest: Whip up a Button

By Alex Walker

jQuery - New Wave JavascriptWe admit it. We dig jQuery (that’s old skool dig — not in a web 2.0 way).

Sure, Prototype, MochiKit and MooFX have their minions, but for its slim lines, its power and its simple but elegant syntax, jQuery is where it’s at for us.

If you are yet to encounter the benefits of jQuery, check the growing list of tutorials and demos available on the site.

However, if you’re already a convert and simply want to help, jQuery creator John Resig has set a contest with fabulous prizes and everlasting glory to the lucky winner. Simply design the best ‘Powered by jQuery button as judged by the jQuery general community.

There aren’t many restrictions. It should be a maximum size of 173px x 31px, it should include the jQuery hat device and entries close on November 3rd.

Whip it good!I’ve already submitted my entry but I must admit it’s hard go past any design that blends JavaScript and Devo.

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  • Jim

    it’s slim lines, it’s power and it’s simple

    … and it’s its, not “it’s”. Sorry to gripe, but it does mar the article when the eye hits three mistakes in a row like this.

  • lotrgamemast

    jQuery is the best library available at the minute. Its really fast, simple and easy to pick up. I came from never having touched JavaScript to making a plugin in under a day. To be fair I know most of the basic programming steps from knowing PHP but it still really simple to use.

  • AlexW

    … and it’s its, not “it’s”. Sorry to gripe, but it does mar the article when the eye hits three mistakes in a row like this.

    Fair call, Jim. Fixed.

  • sjerguy

    whoops……Alex, just so you know…..If I had to choose that you spend time on putting out info, or you spend time on giving me fantastic english…..I’ll take the info anyday! Thanks for your hard work.

  • George

    We are also taking a look at jQuery. Thus far we haven’t got too far along in the process.

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