jQuery 1.6.2 Released

By Sam Deering

Out now jQuery 1.6.2, the second minor jQuery 1.6 has been released and has a number of bug fixes and improvements. Here are the highlights of the new jQuery package. (for production) (for development and testing)

What’s Worth Noting?

IE bug fixes:

  • #9298: $(elem).attr(eventName) not working properly in IE7
  • #9329: attr(“title”) issue in ie7
  • #9468: $(‘form’).attr(‘class’) always return undefined in IE 6
  • #9370: Compatibility Issue with jQuery 1.6 and IE6
  • #9440: v1.6.1 messes up layout in IE8

Core fixes:

  • #9301: Setting data() via an object with hyphenated keys create inaccessible data.
  • #9471: memory leak noticed when loading jquey.1.6.1.min.js included html pages in the iframe
  • #9239: Version 1.6.0 breaks the background behavior on body element

Animation fixes:

  • #9220: Animation Callbacks fire AFTER the next queue function executes.
  • #9678: setInterval cleared by animation

Make sure before you upgrade to test all your features work with the new version of jQuery.

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