jQuery 1.11.0 RC1 and 2.1.0 RC1 Released

We’re just about ready for the final release of jQuery 1.11 and 2.1! Before we release, we’d like you to sanity-check our work. It will save us both a bunch of work if you check things out now, rather than waiting for a release. If something’s not right, we can fix it before millions of people have to deal with it!

New Stuff to note

  1. #14394: style=”x: y !important;” doesn’t get changed when calling el.css(x, z) in Chrome and Safari but it works in Firefox
  2. #14459: data-* attribute parsing bypasses jQuery.parseJSON (inconsistent with 1.x)
  3. #14180: focusin/out special events don’t work cross-window
  4. #14207: Ajax error defaults to status 404
  5. #13768: Error trying to load jQuery from node.js

See below link for full list of changes/updates.

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